Friday, 27 June 2014

Dissemination and Project Closing Meeting - BODRUM (07 – 12 June 2014)

Comenius Partnership project: COINCO Cooking in Colours 

Dissemination and Project Closing Meeting

Turkey: Bodrum June 7 - 12, 2014

To close the project I was invited to the dissemination and closing meeting in Bodrum, Turkey. At regular meetings these were the students who were „cooking in colours“. This time the teachers of the school and me occupied the school kitchen and everybody enjoyed it. Over the pans and casseroles we discussed the impressions from the project and I realized how much the project meant for this school.

In the evening we met at the Ambrosia Hotel for the gala dinner. Not only the management and teaching staff but also the invited guests, namely the directors from other Bodrum schools. Ersan Akbulut, my project colleague, presented the new Erasmus+ activities and I summarized the results of the project and reminded that we submitted a new application for KA2 Partnership , the project for 10 participating countries. We also watched together the highlights and best photos from the project.

On Tuesday June 9 I had an English interactive lesson. I must admit that the Bodrum students are very nice, but shy. Having only 2 English lessons a week their language study is not as efficient as in other countries and progress is limited. I tried to motivate them by my presentation where I introduced the timeline of the project, summarized the results and stressed that without language competences the EU projects are closed for Turkish students. Later we translated together the vocabulary needed for the project dictionary and recipes for the cookery book.

On Wednesday June 11 I worked with Ersan Akbulut on the final report and we also updated the web page. In the evening we all met at the amphitheatre at the Bodrum castle for the graduation ceremony which became the impressive close to the dissemination meeting and project as well.

Eva Svobodová
COINCO Project coordinator

Sunday, 15 June 2014

4th MEETING - BARCELOS ( 6 - 11 April 2014)

Comenius Partnership project: COINCO Cooking in Colours 

3rd module : Green and Brown

Portugal: Barcelos April 6 - 11, 2014

The famous saying declares that every beginning is difficult. But nobody says how hard it is when something is ending. Especially as funny and colourful as our Cooking in Colours project COINCO. 
The fourth and final meeting was organized in Portugal by the Escola de Tecnologia e Gestão de Barcelos. We all met on Monday 7th April in the hosting school. After a warm welcome from the Principal Mr Mário Carvalho and the manager Mr Augusto Castro we had the course of basic Portuguese language, a traditionally funny lesson.

Afterwards we were shown round the school which was surprisingly quiet. It turned out that we arrived in the time of the Easter holiday which made us a bit sad. Especially students expected to meet students from the hosting school and to establish new friendships. Anyway after the lunch prepared by the brave local students who came to school even during the Easter holidays :) we left for the city of Braga. We visited the local cathedral and the historical centre.

On Tuesday 8th April we took part in the photography course based on the very old method of camera obscura and later we all met for the project cooking, this time in green and brown. On the menu there were peas, beans, fish, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, veal, chestnuts, green peppers, leek, parsley, green olives, mushrooms, but also nuts and cinnamon. Briefly the menu was the concert in green and brown.

Also the social programme in the next days was interesting. We were the guests at the opening ceremony of the Tourism Season in the Barcelos Town Hall accompanied by local music, dancing, celebrities and excellent Portuguese wine. We visited Oporto, famous for the port wine cellars, the Barcelos Pottery Museum and local gallery (9th April).

On Thursday April 10 we got the certificates and after the formal closing we did the shopping at the famous street market. Thus we learned about the local crafts and life as well. In the afternoon we finally got to the sea and into the mountains. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the small cities Alto Minho, Viana do Castelo and Ponte de Lima, respectively one of the oldest towns in Portugal. During the farewell dinner our hosts prepared a big surprise. When visiting Poděbrady, Czech Republic, also at Easter time, they liked our traditions so much that they coloured the basket of eggs, learned the traditional rhyme and started the ritual pomlázka here in Ponte de Lima!

No wonder that saying good bye late at night in front of the hotel was so difficult. But our hope is the new Erasmus+ programme and the chances which we will definitely use!

Eva Svobodová
COINCO Project Coordinator 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

3rd MEETING - BODRUM ( 7 - 11 October 2013)

Comenius Partnership project: COINCO Cooking in Colours 

2nd module : Red and Green

Bodrum October 7 - 11, 2013

These two colours dominated the project cooking in Turkish Bodrum. The first group arrived from the Czech Republic already on Sunday October 6th. On Monday October 7th, 10 Czech students and 2 teachers together with 7 students and 3 teachers from Portugal visited the lokum manufacturer. Lokum is the typical Turkish delicacy, renamed „Turkish delight“ and we heard from the owner how it was made in the past and how it has been produced nowadays. We also had the chance to taste various flavours, ie lokum with tangerines, strawberries, nuts, pistachios. After this a little bit sweet starter we had a typical Turkish lunch in the local restaurant. Surprisingly it was meatless lunch with lots of vegetables, beans, lentils and tomatoes. After the lunch waiting for the Spanish group we were enjoying the warm Bodrum sun on the beach.

In the evening all three teams met for dinner and discussed the details of the programme.

On Tuesday October 8th we got a really warm welcome in the Bodrum Kiz Teknik ve Meslek Lisesi school by the management and teachers from this school. School Director Mr. Abtülkadir Saglam, Vice Manager Mrs. Ayşe Avci Asci, Project Manager Mr. Ersan Akbulut, cook teachers Mrs. Derya Kose, and Hulya Degirmenci.

After the official welcome the host students presented their school, their home country and finally we also learned some basic Turkish. The lesson was a bit difficult but funny and everybody enjoyed it.

All students together then prepared lunch from the local Turkish specialties manti and gözleme. After delicious lunch we all went to the Bodrum castle, the dominant of the city. Everybody liked the tour through the host country history and especially lovely views at the Bodrum bay.

The project cooking day was Wednesday October 9. The Turkish students prepared a rich menu but we did not realize that we were working hard as we really had a big fun over the ingredients.

We talked about our national cuisine and practised English and Turkish as well. The local TV reporter recorded the results of our work and also interviewed some of us. The project topic must have been attractive as the spot was later shown on several TV channels in the whole Turkey.

The afternoon was closed by a short lecture of Turkish dancing and thus well trained we could set off for a boat trip on Thursday October 10 which was the cherry on the top of all our stay. Together with Turkish teachers and students we spent the day by swimming, diving, fishing, talking, taking hundreds of photographs as everybody realized that this visit and stay was exceptional.

During the stay it was agreed that the next and unfortunately final meeting of the COINCO project will be in Portugal in April 7 – 11, 2014. As the project coordinator I was often asked the questions why the project is so short. For me personally this is a good mark that the playful idea of cross-cultural cooperation behind the project theme was the right one. Sometimes I had doubts if the COINCO project will amuse younger and adult students as well. After the first meeting in Podebrady there were fewer doubts and after Bodrum meeting I am certain that together we are realizing the project which participants will remember, and - as some of them say - forever.

Many thanks to Ersan and his team, our stay in Bodrum was short but has been unforgettable.

Eva Svobodová
COINCO Project Coordinator