Saturday, 12 January 2013

Summary of the planned partnership

The COINCO (Cooking in Colours) Comenius Multilateral Partnership project include 4 project meetings of 4 participating countries, namely the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. All partners have been personally known to the coordinator from previous projects and activities (SVES2, CEDEFOP conference). One of the project goals was to meet in the frame of the project the schools which have to fight - mainly for economical crises reasons - for their prosperous future.
For each meeting one monothematic colour will be chosen and all the recipes will be prepared from the ingredients of this colour. Students together with their teachers will develop their cooking experience, creativity, and aesthetic skills as they will have to design the menus, the recipe books, pocket dictionaries and the final output, a calendar. During common activities students supported by their teachers will practise their language skills in English, but will also learn basic project vocabulary in the native language of other participants. 
Before each meeting the host school will introduce the host country, region and the school itself from historical, geographic and economical points of view. The unseparable part of each meeting will be a social programme. In this way different cultures from mutually remote European countries will be presented. We expect that participants will learn about different social and cultural patterns and the following experience will lead them to tolerance, anti-xenophobia and cross-cultural understanding. 

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