Friday, 27 June 2014

Dissemination and Project Closing Meeting - BODRUM (07 – 12 June 2014)

Comenius Partnership project: COINCO Cooking in Colours 

Dissemination and Project Closing Meeting

Turkey: Bodrum June 7 - 12, 2014

To close the project I was invited to the dissemination and closing meeting in Bodrum, Turkey. At regular meetings these were the students who were „cooking in colours“. This time the teachers of the school and me occupied the school kitchen and everybody enjoyed it. Over the pans and casseroles we discussed the impressions from the project and I realized how much the project meant for this school.

In the evening we met at the Ambrosia Hotel for the gala dinner. Not only the management and teaching staff but also the invited guests, namely the directors from other Bodrum schools. Ersan Akbulut, my project colleague, presented the new Erasmus+ activities and I summarized the results of the project and reminded that we submitted a new application for KA2 Partnership , the project for 10 participating countries. We also watched together the highlights and best photos from the project.

On Tuesday June 9 I had an English interactive lesson. I must admit that the Bodrum students are very nice, but shy. Having only 2 English lessons a week their language study is not as efficient as in other countries and progress is limited. I tried to motivate them by my presentation where I introduced the timeline of the project, summarized the results and stressed that without language competences the EU projects are closed for Turkish students. Later we translated together the vocabulary needed for the project dictionary and recipes for the cookery book.

On Wednesday June 11 I worked with Ersan Akbulut on the final report and we also updated the web page. In the evening we all met at the amphitheatre at the Bodrum castle for the graduation ceremony which became the impressive close to the dissemination meeting and project as well.

Eva Svobodová
COINCO Project coordinator

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